Broken Cellphone Screen

Common Cellphone Repairs

The 5 Most Common Mobile Phone Repairs

It is almost impossible for us to go a day without using our cellphones. As a result, it should come as no surprise that they are susceptible to wear and tear and the occasional accident.

These are the top five problems we encounter when customers bring their phones to Smartphone ER:

1. Cracked Screens
Mobile phones tend to be smooth and lack much grip. Therefore, every person, regardless of how careful they are, will, at some point, drop their phone. And even though the glass screens on most phones today are made to withstand a certain amount of impact, if they are dropped without a cover, they do easily break.

Once booked in, we can replace your broken cellphone screen with a new one that is compatible with your phone model.

To avert future damage, we always recommend using a case or screen protector.

2. Battery Issues
It can be very frustrating when a phone’s battery drains too quickly or doesn’t hold a charge for very long. Luckily, you can solve this problem without buying a new phone.

With specialised tools, our technicians can easily change a smartphone battery in record time and have you back online before you know it.

3. Broken Charging Port
If your phone’s charging port is broken, it may not charge even when it’s plugged in. There are several reasons why charging ports can break, including impact, something jammed in the port, or a faulty cable.

Our experts are well-versed in assessing the damage and determining what needs to be done to get it working again.

4. Water Damage
It doesn’t matter if you drop your phone in the toilet or get caught in the rain, long-term submersion in water could be disastrous for your cellphone.

We recommend that you dry out your phone as soon as possible to avoid damaging the circuits but do not put your phone in a container of rice. It’s a myth that rice helps in drying out your phone and often causes more damage.

Once diagnosed, we will make every effort possible to salvage your water-damaged phone.

5. Stuck or Non-Working Buttons
This issue is particularly common with older phones, where repeated use of the home or power button can cause it to eventually wear out.

We can resolve the issue by cleaning or replacing the stuck button, saving you from having to buy a new device.

SmartPhone Er
If your phone is broken, why not bring it to Smartphone ER? With over two decades of experience, we can identify and fix almost any problem.

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