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Cellphone Warranties

A Quick Guide To Cellphone Warranties in South Africa

  • Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty on a cell phone lasts anywhere from 90 days to 2 years.
  • In general the warranty will cover the device if there is a hardware fault (docking port malfunctions, home button replacement etc..).
  • In rare circumstances you may be eligible for a new cellphone.

Different cellphone manufacturer’s offer different length warranties, they can update those terms as and when they deem it necessary, but in general the table below is accurate as of January 2022.

  • Oppo smartphone warranty – 24 months
  • Samsung smartphone warranty – 24 months
  • Vivo smartphone warranty – 24 months
  • Huawei smartphone warranty – 24 months
  • Nokia smartphone warranty – 24 months
  • Tecno smartphone warranty – 12/24 months
  • Hisense smartphone warranty – 24 months

What is a warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee from a seller that a defective product will be repaired or replaced within a specific time. A guarantee is a seller’s promise that a product will meet certain quality or performance standards. If not, it will be repaired or replaced.

Why Use SmartPhone ER For Warranty Repairs?

  • We are authorised by several of the leading manufacturers to repair your cell phone which will keep your warranty intact
  • We use specialist equipment supplied by the manufacturers in order to carry out the repairs and follow their strict warranty repair guidelines
  • If a device is rated by the manufacturer at IP68 we repair to that same IP68 rate.
  • In all of our warranty repairs we only use original cellphone manufacturer parts.
  • In short if you bring your damage cell phone to us to get repaired, and we take the job on, the manufacturers warranty will remain intact!

    Cell Phone Warranty Repairs Covered By SmartPhone ER

    • Samsung support center
    • Oppo authorized service center
    • Oppo Service center
    • Nokia service care center
    • Tecno Service center

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