Cell Phone Repairs and Cell Phone Insurance Policies

Our cell phones are typically our most frequently used daily items, and most of us would be lost without them should they break or be lost. But since cell phone warranties are included with the phones, is it worth spending our hard-earned cash on monthly insurance fees?

Well, if you have a cheap phone, we’d say no, but if you own an expensive smartphone, you should undoubtedly have an insurance plan in place. A single repair can easily cost several thousand Rand, not to mention what it would cost to replace it in the event of loss or theft.

It is therefore advised to choose an insurance company that works with reputable service providers like Smartphone ER, for a fast and hassle-free return of your phone.

What is cell phone insurance and what does it include?
In a nutshell, just like with any other insurance policy, you pay a premium for your coverage, and the insurer will fund repairs not covered under the manufacturer’s cell phone warranty or replacements in the event of loss.

The following items are often not covered by comprehensive cell phone insurance:

  • Wear and tear, deterioration over time, scratching, or other minor damage.
  • Any damage brought on by an electronic circuit’s failure or a battery’s failure.
  • Any problems with software and any harm caused by software, especially malicious software like computer viruses.
  • Any loss or damage brought on by negligence or carelessness; loss or damage brought on by a manufacturing flaw.

Why we are trusted by leading insurers

In addition to providing excellent customer service and pricing, Smartphone ER adheres to an ethical culture.

Evaluations and repairs can be carried out either in our workshop or on-site within a specific radius. By performing repairs rather than classifying the devices as “Beyond Economic Repair” (BER), we not only save our clients a lot of time and, more importantly, money.

You can trust that we know what we’re doing
The Smartphone ER team is led by Patrick Skeates, who has over two decades of experience delivering consumer and industry products and services.

We also have a select group of experienced team members with over 50 years of combined experience in mobile repairs and customer service, ranging from level 0 to level 5 repairs. As such, they have worked in all levels of technical environments to meet the highest standards of ISO9002 and are a valued and integral part of the company.

Services offered by Smartphone ER
In addition to restoring cracked glass screens independent of the LCD, we also offer competitively priced mobile device accessories.

One of Smartphone ER’s key competitive advantages and value propositions is that we use the OCAmaster refurbishing system, whose patented airbag lamination technology allows for a less than 1% defect rate when refurbishing screens.

Our main list of services includes:

Smartphone ER is an authorised service repair centre for the following brands:

Are you looking for a reliable and ethical smartphone repair company? Feel free to call or email us today at +27 021 020 1150 or info@smartphoneer.co.za.